Restoring Smiles with Dental Implants
in New Lenox, IL

Having to lose one tooth or several teeth can be a blow to one’s confidence, but what’s more, it can affect your quality of life. And while dentures are certainly a viable solution for improving the appearance and function of your smile, they do have some drawbacks. For example, wearing dentures can gradually wear down the jaw bones over time, so they may not always fit correctly. Also, they do not always afford the wearer complete confidence in their appearance or in their ability to chew and speak normally. With implants, you can feel assured that they’ll stay perfectly in place, and they will never feel like anything other than natural teeth.

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Dental Implants in New Lenox IL

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants act as artificial tooth roots; they look like small screws which anchor the artificial tooth (crown) to your jawbone. The implants eventually bond with the bone over time, helping to stimulate bone growth and developing into a strong, durable foundation that can support the crowns. The crowns are custom-made to match your natural teeth, so they blend in perfectly and give you a healthy, beautiful smile.

The dental implant consists of 3 parts:

  • The implant itself, which resembles a tiny screw
  • An abutment, or connecting piece, which is placed on top of the dental implant
  • And then the crown, which is held and supported by the abutment

How are Implants Placed?

At your dental implant appointment, you will given local anesthesia, and the implants will be placed in the jawbone where the tooth (or teeth) are missing. The crowns will not be placed at this time, as your implants and jawbone will need time to heal and grow. This part of the process is known as osseointegration, which creates a sturdy foundation for your new teeth, and it may take a few months.

After this healing period, we can place the abutments, then take an impression of your mouth to have your new crowns made. When they’re ready, the new crowns will be attached to the abutments.

Dental Exam

Are Dental Implants Painful?

While some discomfort is to be expected after your implant or implants are placed, most patients who receive them seem to feel better than expected. Everyone experiences and responds to pain differently, and we’ll be glad to recommend over-the-counter pain relief to help you recover more comfortably.

In general, dental implant procedures are no more painful than any other dental surgery, and you may experience some bruising, swelling, and minor bleeding afterward. For most patients, though, it’s possible to return to normal activity and function the day after the procedure.